It would sound cliché to say we live in unparalleled times. The irony is that we have more schools and educational opportunities for professional ministry than any other time – while simultaneously experiencing the greatest dropout rate of clergy in history.

One recent survey revealed that the average pastor has his or her greatest impact at a church in years 5 through 14. Tragically, the typical pastor lasts 5 years or less. Another survey discovered that 90% of the pastors surveyed felt inadequately trained to lead and manage the challenges they face regularly.

"This isn’t a crisis of faith but a crisis of ministry. Something new is desperately needed to address the challenge of church leadership.

Ministry Lab Network is here to give leaders practical skills and training that can move a person and a church from crisis to life changing ministry."

–Mark Brewer, Founder of Ministry Lab Network

There are outstanding theological seminaries and Bible colleges throughout the world. There are also an abundance of Christian conferences that offer inspiration and ideas. What is missing is something between the rigors of graduate school and the over-simplification of a ministry conference. Neither the demands of a sound theological education or the immediacy of a two-day conference provides the time needed to share the skills and insights of doing ministry in today’s environment.

Ministry Lab Network will provide experiences for new and seasoned pastors, as well as non-ordained clergy, throughout the world. Our hands-on, practical training and equipping experiences will build up new and emerging leaders, renew and revitalize seasoned leaders and develop and empower lay leaders.